I’ve noticed a lot of Trump allies are trying to call this stupid healthcare bill “Ryancare”. I get that. I can get behind that. But Trump also backs the bill - enthusiastically. If it passes the Senate, Trump will be the one signing it. Trying to distance your boy from this shit - bitch please.

GOPcare. Republicare. I still like Trumpcare because I feel like the impact is the greatest. Trump will hate HATE haaaaaaaaaate his name being on something unpopular. Also, while we must hold the GOP members complicit in all Trump’s crimes as his enabler, Trump is the figurehead of the party to Republican voters. His reputation being damaged will do the most damage for the GOP as a whole.

What do you think?


ETA other stray thoughts: Ultimately the GOP bill is such a failure because there is not a clear goal and it doesn’t really achieve anything except for wealth redistribution. So I guess if that was the goal, it’s successful, but it’s clear that even Republicans in Congress want the healthcare bill to do something regarding healthcare. Do they just want credit for having attempted a repeal? The goal also wasn’t really to cut costs, or to remove the government from healthcare - things it could have accomplished were it more aggressive (but would be more unpopular with voters).

They all ran on a platform the Obamacare was bad for your healthcare and seem to have literally abandoned that ideal. It used to be, ideology-wise, that the government had no business in healthcare, that it was going to lower the quality and access to care, etc etc. I disagree and I know that is logistically incorrect, but the ideology was consistent. This one accomplishes literally none of that. There is the removal of the unpopular government mandate, and they are acting like that is some great win for freedom, but the reason that the mandate is unpopular is because healthcare is expensive and people who would have probably taken their chances without it can’t really. NOT THAT THOSE PEOPLE DON’T WANT HEALTHCARE!

I have to hand it to Ryan and his goons: I truly thought they would puss out of messing with healthcare at all in large ways. But thinking about it, I think they all overestimated how much of their support was rooted in people hating their healthcare. Not many.