Tomorrow might turn into Fuck Everything Friday. I'm having a hard time keeping it together.

There was some frivolous stupid personal shit yesterday, which I feel like I shouldn't talk about because it will taint peoples' memories of the people involved. But which I need to talk about because STUPID PERSONAL SHIT.

Then today? The class I've been teaching for three weeks? Somehow is not on payroll. By the time they get it fixed? I'll be six weeks into a sixteen week semester.

Was that money allocated to bills? You bet your ass. Have I been religiously budgeting around the plan of having that money, in order to make my finances more neat and tidy?

You know the answer here.

I am distraught. I am so distraught that I am physically uncomfortable. AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BUDGETED FOR BOOZE.

It's going to be a grind-my-teeth kind of night, possibly week.
Help me find my happy, GroupThink? I need it bad.