Did y’all finish? What did you think by the end?

I found it fascinating but I read this Vox piece and I’m struggling with some of the same ideas (esp. the potential outing of a man). On the one hand, John B. did invite Reed into his life and he was very open about just about everything, while knowingly being recorded. On the other hand, does that consent end with his death?

Reed’s claim that John B was an atheist so he doesn’t have to worry about him in John’s afterlife rang hollow. Obviously, this story impacts a whole lotta people who are still alive, even if it doesn’t affect John’s soul (or whatever). And while I don’t worry about too many of them, I do worry about John B’s mom and potential attention that she might get, never having wanted/asked for it. Lots of other folks called up Reed and agreed to participate; John B’s mom wasn’t one of them.

But I did listen to the whole thing so I guess my qualms weren’t big enough to deter me from participating...


Anyway, I’m really interested to hear what everyone thought. Oh, and can I just say... RITA AND THE NIPPLE RINGS?!?!?!?!?!?