I last watched this series in jr high in late 70s I watched it much more when I was in grade school with my late grandmother.

I had the vaguest memories beyond finding it funny.

I watched the first episode. It confirmed my memory of it being a Male Fantasy show.

It was very funny though. It was Jeannie and Nelson’s one year anniversary of his finding her bottle on a Pacific Island. Now she thought it was a big deal he dismissed it. He just wanted to get ready to go back into space.

He got into space when the computers at NASA showed the space ship missing. Jeannie redirected it back to the island. He landed was not happy and openned the wrong bottle unleashing the evil Blue Ginn.


BG was played by Michael Ansara then husband of Barbara Eden aka Jeannie. They both fought BG would have easily won if not for Major Healey. Jeannie teleported herself, Nelson and BG back to their Florida home.


They win and Nelson shows up at NASA and turns himself in to the doctor who tells the General but Jeannie saves the day by moving Nelson and ship back into orbit. The doctor is in deep trouble.

Nelson played by Larry Hagman really treats Jeannie badly. He allows himself to be called Master, calls her “girl” and treats her like a child.


The fighting scene was funny and the mess Nelson found himself in was funnier.

I am amazed my late grandmother liked this show. Maybe because of the mess Jeannie put him in like how Lucy put Mr Mooney in a mess? Not sure she otherwise was not a sitcom fan but liked Jeannie and Lucille Ball with Mr Mooney.


It is amazing how differently I see the show now as when I did as a child and preteen Nelson being an Ass I missed.

Any shows you watched as a kid and now say “I totally missed that”.

Any Jeannie fans. I am not doing an episode by episode post maybe after a bunch like 10.


Rosario Dawson would make a good Jeannie she like Eden would be in same age bracket. Eden played.Jeannie in her late 30s. Dawson is 38. After watching Rent she could pull it off. It has to be massively reworked for today’s audience. They would need to be partners with Jeannie not used to the modern world and “master” be used sarcastically. Have Healey be female who used to date Nelson and now friends with both of them. Also like Sabrina The Teenage Witch expand Jinn lore with maybe a council etc. Yes this should be a tv series. It would be tough to remake since its premise is a male fantasy. It would have to be remade to be not that. Doubt it could be done well.