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Saba Ahmed and the Heritage Foundation "Panel"

I am a graduate of the American University, Washington College of Law. My school has always prided itself on it's diversity and allowing students to stand up for what is right. And I am so proud of one of my former classmates today. I am so absolutely god damned proud Saba had the guts to stand up in a room full of right wing nut jobs and assert herself and her rights to be respected in American Society. She got the expected treatment by the Heritage Foundation, but I'm not going to make this situation about them. I'm going to make this about Saba. I didn't know her personally, but I saw her in the hallway a lot. And I can tell you, what she was willing to do was something a lot of my classmates and I are willing to do. She was willing to go into the lion's den and speak up. This is what lawyers should do. This is what the profession should be about. WCL isn't perfect, but it was a school that made it clear that you were supposed to stand up for what was right.

Saba. You are going to make one hell of an attorney. And I look forward to you graduating and joining our ranks. You have made WCL, and all of it's alumni, so proud and honored to have you as a peer.

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