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This covers the first five hundred pages of Sabrina from early 60s to early 70s. I am through the first part preHarvey.









1. She is not nice as we all know from the late 60s onward. Earliest years she has a reckless regard of people’s safety almost cruel. She put her rival nonwitch Rosalind in peril by conjuring up a very large wave and her boyfriend Donald whom Sabina likes had to save her. In a bowling alley she helped a bowler but could easily have shattered his knees doing it. She also used pins to go after a potential rival for a car driver she wanted to date and as a result huge spikes went through his car, he would have died if he would have been in it or seriously injuring if not killed any woman who he was dating if pins or worse spikes went through her.


She also is more independent then the later Sabrina. Yes she lives with her aunts but it comes across as more as a room mate then as her surrogate parents.

2. Della her boss. I am not sure if it was deliberate but I wondered if she was modeled after Rosalind Russell from the movie Mame. A movie one of the funniest movie I have seen. She dresses like her and smokes one of those long tip cigarettes like Mame did. Although based on her looks and the era if Sandra Dee was the model used to draw Sabrina.

3. Zelda considered Sabrina as ugly.

4. Everyone knows she is a witch. She does spells right in her classroom usually spells that fail. She even took her friend to London and he even suggested if she could cast some spells.


It’s so far really good. For $9.99 it’s well worth buying. I suspect I am close to reading the Sabrina I am more familiar with, I just finished 1967.

I am not sure why this Sabrina was dropped. She is in some ways far more interesting. She sort of reminds me of Anya from Buffy The Vampire Slayer both have a reckless disregard of how magic affects folks. 


I read volume one of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina but disliked it, way too dark for my liking. This Sabrina comes close to being dark but pulls back.

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