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Sad Day When I Applaud Two Republicans

First this afternoon I was watching MSNbC show with Nicole Wallace. I tend to prefer Jake Tapper but I kinda like her as a person plus she hates Trump. She had Steve.Schmidt on, her former boss in the McCain campaign.

The topic turned to swearing and Trump’s assistant communications director for the campaign thought there was nothing wrong with it at the White House. Mistake. Steve Schmidt just schooled him on always protecting the dignity of the office. Its a few minutes of schooling on dignity. I shamefully applauded.

Steve Schmidt did take over for Nicole which was not right by starting to ask questions to the exTrump guy dealing with how other nations look at our White House. I hope Nicole tells him to not do that again. I would not be surprised. If she gets him as cohost from 3 to 5 akin to Velshi and Ruhle. MSNBC should move Hailey Jackson to 9 to 10 and Velshi and Ruhle from 10 to 12 they seriously have best daytime show on MSNBC.

Then Chris Matthews at 5 of 8pm gave excerpts from Peggy Noonan’s article. Its incredible how she turns Trump tweets as reflecting his characer.


The Hill has excerpts. I applauded again

What is wrong with me. I used to rather spit on vast number of republicans then listen to them speak. I am finding maybe there are a tiny few who put country over party like Wallace,. Navarro, Schmidt and the unshaven bald guy that’s often on Last Word and Chris Hayes show he was on tonight. Is it possible I see them as enemies of my enemy or did Trump oddly force some republicans to think country before party. I never liked Noonan (way too Reagan was a living saint mentality) first time she totally got it right.

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