Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

While eating a nice slice of plain pizza with a bottle of store brand root beeer at the grocery store cafeteria an announcement was made. Friendly's has discontinued one of their better ice creams. It was the black rasberry. It was 99 cents for a half gallon, my mother thankfully heard it and grabbed a half gallon. I believe Friendly's is pretty much New England based. I have not been to one of their restaurants in years, as a child in the 70s I went more. The food is meh at best. Their ice cream which they sell in grocery stores and their restaurants is above average at best. Good but nothing one would go out of their way to buy.

What are your thoughts on Friendly's ice cream? Anyone ever get the black rasberry? To me it was one of their best. No clue why its being dumped.


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