My Dad called me tonight to tell me that my childhood kitty passed away today. She hasn’t lived with me for a couple years because she was too old to bring with when I moved to Seattle, but I still loved her dearly and she would always know when I was coming home and be waiting in my bed for me. She was a barn kitten that we got when my last cat was hit by a car. My mom says I was so inconsolable at that pet death that the only thing she could think to do was immediately take me out to get a new one. We picked her because she was the most docile of the bunch, but she ended up being kind of a terror. In her old age she mellowed out, but she was very cranky and didn’t like to be picked up, and she started neurotically licking her stomach bare. But if we sat very still she loved to snuggle me and my Dad, especially if we had a fuzzy blanket she could drool on and she would always snore in her sleep instead of purring. She was such a silly little creature, but I loved her so very much.