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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sad schmoochie update

I went on this date, which is rare, and it was a great date, which is like, never.

That was Saturday. We spent two hours doing serious flirting on the phone Monday night. But he didn't ask me out again because my schedule was busy and he has his kid this weekend.


I was being so good about not calling/email and then I caved and sent him a light funny email and left a message on his phone because I had a chance to get Big 12 tickets. No return email or call.

I am so stupid. This is why I don't date. I so, so rarely let my guard down to like someone and when I do, it's like the universe comes and smacks me on the head and says "what are you thinking? Monsters like you don't get to have those dreams." Which is overdramatic and ridiculous, but hey, I've been told since I was 8 that boys don't love girls who look like me.


Please don't give me the "maybe he's busy! maybe he's xxxx." He's just not into me. It happens. It would just be nice if I didn't make a middle-aged fool out of myself.

I will shake it off in a couple days, I promise.

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