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Sad Sick Kitty

If this is how bad I feel over my sick cat, I am going to be a wreck when I have human babies.

Our kitten got home yesterday from being declawed. (Don't try to give me shit about that, please. I know different people have different opinions on declawing, but we decided it was something we needed to do, and better to make that decision now while he is young and will recover quickly. Anyway, it's done now so I don't wanna hear it.) He seemed okay yesterday morning and early afternoon. Slept a lot but would occasionally get up and wander around and get into stuff, as kittens do. Then he stopped eating or drinking. And he hid in his cat carrier and wouldn't come out. I tried pulling him on my lap and he would immediately go back in the carrier. He NEVER hides from us, and is all about being snuggled up as close to us as he can get. He was also breathing really heavily. Basically, the poor little guy looked miserable, and in much more pain than we were told he would be in.

MrManzana called the vet, who told him to bring the kitty in. I couldn't go, since I have a stomach bug and can't really move right now. It turns out that he has a respiritory infection. Apparently he had it before but no one noticed, but the surgery exacerbated it. So I guess it's good that we had him declawed after all, because it brought the infection up so we noticed and could get him help. He had to be left at the vet's so he could be put on an iv drip- he was dehydrated because he wasn't drinking. And given meds and watched carefully.


I feel so awful, you guys. I don't know what we missed that neither us nor the vet noticed he had this. But my poor, pitiful little guy is scared and in pain and I can't be there to comfort him and I just want him to be okay. The fact that he has to deal with hurt paws at the same time as this infection that makes him barely able to breathe makes me feel like a shitty pet mama, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Has anyone here had a cat who had an infection like this? Is he gonna be okay? I'm just so worried about him, especially since I am not there with him.

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