Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As ISAWOMARGONEKISSINGSANTACLAUS pointed out, things are getting real for some Jezzies, as is the way of the holiday season. On the flip-side, we have the other time honored tradition of people trying to mask their hurt, disappointment, and anger by dressing it up in holiday gear. And by "it" I mean pets, and by "holiday gear" I mean the most adorable widdle wintry sweaters and outfits you ever did see and purchase at Target with no shame, NO SHAME PEOPLE. THIS IS HOW WE GET THROUGH THE SEASON...

...well, this and spiked egg-nog. As I cannot share with you the glory of my soy-eggnog and rum concoction (spoiler alert: it is perfection), I will share with you a picture of my clearly put-out pup, trying bravely to get through the holidays (aren't we all?) And I would love to see YOUR christmas pets to cheer myself and others up, while I clean like a madwoman and drink my delicious eggnog (it's called "Soy-lent Night". Yes, I know what it sounds like, and no, I will not rename it.)

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