Hi Guise-

I somehow messed up when merging accounts yesterday afternoon, when I created The Salad Bowl :( The result is that I was locked out of my Old Bayareachick account, and the new subblog management page. It is probably my fault. I don't know how merging accounts works, and might have clicked on the wrong thing when I couldn't get into the management page for the new blog. So here I am, the new Bayareachick1, no access to old posts, no ability to see comments or recommends from previous posts, not able to manage a new subblog that is really important to me and others. I can only hope that The Kinja Gods can help me and let me back in. In the mean time here is my new account, I just wanted to give you a heads up that if you click on my name you will see nothing, but it is not because I deleted all my old posts or anything.

Help Me Ernie you are my Only Hope!