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Welcome To The Bitchery

This has been in the news lately so you might know about it already, but I haven't seen it here so I thought I would share because it's a bit of positive news, and because it is something that everyone who lives in or visits the District can help out with.

It is now illegal for single-occupancy restrooms in Washington, D.C. to be single-gender, or to have signs proclaiming them to be only for men or women. The intent of this initiative is to increase the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in order to make existing in public less of an ordeal for LGBTQ people, under the rationale that there is no reason for a bathroom not to be gender neutral when there is only going to be one person in it at a time!

And here is the best part: everyone can help this measure become a reality in public spaces! If you are out and about in DC and you see bathrooms that break this ordinance, you can report it to the DC Office of Human Rights online or Tweet about it with the hashtag #safebathroomsdc. You can add a picture of the bathroom signs in violation, and make sure to include the address of the business! The DC OHR monitors that hashtag and will send the business in question a letter telling them to change their signs. Businesses which refuse to comply will be subject to a $500 fine, so expect to see a lot more unisex signs on the single-occupancy bathrooms of DC!

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