My Dog is a suckler. She has had a stuffed sheep for years that she is absolutely in love with, and will literally suckle on the thing for hours at a time. As you can imagine, it's absolutely disgusting and smelly, but I can't bring myself to throw it away on her. How do I safely clean this disgusting heap of dog slobber?!

She literally loves the thing. If I take it away, or hide it, she will search the house for it all day. She does have a second favorite stuffy, which is her sharky in the above photo, but it is no replacement for the sheep. I just took the sheep away because I swear it's like borderline mouldy, and she's already whining and crying by the fridge because she knows it's up there.

What's the safest way to de-slobber this thing? It's a seriously gross, wet, smelly mess. What would effectively clean the stuffed animal without harming my baby?