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Safety first, people.

So I was sitting at the front desk when a mother with two young children came in to look around: a boy of about four and a girl slightly older, maybe six. The mother was interested but the children were bored and, as often happens when children were bored, they were also loud. I can say this for loud, however: at least if they're loud, you tend to know where they are. I was ringing up some gift items for the mother when I realized the children were mysteriously silent, so I looked around sharpish. They were amusing themselves by fitting themselves into each coat check locker, in turn, and closing the doors behind them. I appealed directly to the mother: "Please don't let your children play in the lockers, that could end badly." The mother assured me that oh no, that wasn't what they were doing: but what else do you call it when your kids are hiding in lockers and pretending to be locked in? I could just see how this was going to pan out. The giggles as the door closes. The fatal click as the door locks. The shrieks that accompany the realization that the game is no longer fun. The increasing hysteria as we discover the master key, which is supposed to open all lockers, doesn't work. The emergency call placed to Facilities. The outraged letter written to City Hall. And so on and so on and so on. Fortunately (possibly influenced by my expression of horror) the kids were chivied out of the lockers and downstairs. PEOPLE, DON'T DO THIS. LOCKERS ARE NOT FOR FUN.


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