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I woke up super early so I decided to watch it, and it was SO GOOD! My hopes honestly weren't high, because it's difficult to translate all the things I loved about the manga to screen, but it was like a panel-for-panel remake and they did sooooo well! I'm in love! All the original little details, the dialogue — it was all there! And her screams were still a power! It was perfect campy comic relief. I just can't help but feel like this was what the original should have been, but that does a disservice to a series that was (and is) immensely popular, and was a product of its era.

The background paintings felt like a lovingly updated version of the original anime's setting, too. There were frames where I would have thought it was the same paintings, just remastered — very nostalgic. I love how they updated the transformation scene. I had seen it in preview, but again, it just seemed like a really graceful, nicely done update. AND USAGI'S HAIR IS STRAIGHT, not crazy long curls!


Usagi's run when she came into the jewelry shop was... really strange, though. I don't know where they were going with that.

A lot of the little additions like the commercial break art and the "character introduction" frames seemed really reminiscent of Revolutionary Girl Utena. The shadow-figures and the rose frames seemed like a really nice update of the Utena style. It's really neat to see the 90s influence in the update.

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