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Sailor Moon's Reboot WILL Represent the Manga's LGBT Content

Hey, remember when Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus showed up and they were "cousins" who liked to gaze at one-another with dreamy sparkles and sunlight softly coming in through the curtains of their shared room? Yeah, nobody bought that shit.

Which is why it's very good news that the new Sailor Moon reboot has promised that the LGBT story lines from the original manga will actually be represented this time around.


Zoisite will be a dude!

Uranus will be gender fluid.

Serena/Usagi will be a little bi-curious! (hopefully)

Now as long as they don't throw in some random and seriously disturbing story lines about Usagi/Serena binging and purging, or Usagi/Serena and Rei/Ray cat-fighting over men, or any of the other more-than-a-little problematic elements from the TV show, we're all good.

By the way — who was your favorite Scout? Mine was always Jupiter, but then I realized that I only liked her because she was tall with brown hair (and I was tall with brown hair). Poor girl doesn't actually have a personality, now that I think about it. So, as an adult, my favorite is probably Rei/Mars.

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