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Welcome To The Bitchery

SaintRidley watches the Duggars

Oh gods, they went to the creation museum. Oh gods, what are they saying. Oh gods, these people are insane. WTF WTF WTF

ETA: They just went through the explanation that meat-eating didn't exist until sin entered the world. If eating meat is so unnatural and a sign of sin, why do you young earth creationists eat meat? Why do you wallow in your sin?


ETAA: Wholesomewear swimsuits. Skin is evil and modesty is necessary even when swimming. Also, apparently Michelle Duggar was a bug eater as a child. What happened to that moxie? How did you become this person, Michelle?

Last edit: So the Duggars are opposed to Halloween because of "where it all started." Hope they hate Christmas as well. Gaining suspicions that fluoride is against their religion, but no real evidence. In other news, Jim Bob and Michelle go to San Francisco and visit a head shop where they look at some pieces and Jim Bob marvels at them. "Those are funny lookin' glasswear, isn't it?" When asked if he's ever used drugs he said there were a few times he's been sick and taken a tylenol or an aspirin. Also, they keep a large stock of family pictures on them - gave a guy playing the guitar on the street some money and a photo of their family.

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