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Saints Fan Is Suing Team Over National Anthem Protests Take Out The Hankies

Take out your hankies to either cry (ok no one will) or barf at the inanity and entitlement plus racism of the fan.

A season ticket holder is suing the team for a refund and lawyers fees because of protests (kneeling I think) during the national anthem. Does anyone score points during the National Anthem? Ah no. National Anthem has nothing to do with the game itself which he is paying for. What players do before their job starts is up to them if they want to kneel, stand, or even dance its up to them.

This is as frivolous as going to a play and seeing actors in the lobby prior to when the play starts and suing the production company for what the actors were doing prior to when the play starts.


Also kneeling is a protected free speech.

Having the National Anthem is well stupid anyways prior to any sports event. Ok for the Olympics when one stands on the trophy platform fine. Regular sporting events no. Maybe when the Bruins meet the Montreal Canadians or any game between teams of two different nations but that’s it.

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