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Leyth O. Jamal, a trans woman, filed a lawsuit alleging that she was harassed and eventually fired from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Texas because she is transgender. Saks has made some reprehensible legal arguments in response to the suit, claiming they have a legal right to discriminate against trans individuals and purposely misgendering Leyth in its pleadings and motions, adding "[sic]" after every reference to Leyth as female. Slate has more detail and explains why Saks' bigoted argument fails.


In addition to Saks, you may also want to avoid Little Caesars, which is being sued in California for failing to provide benefits to the spouses of employees who are gay and legally married, going so far as to define a "spouse" as a person to whom the employee is legally married and who is of the opposite gender of the employee.

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