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In related information, Saks Fifth Avenue is operated by a bunch of massive bigoted dickasses.

Slate and Buzzfeed has the story in detail, but here is the rundown: A former employee of Saks Fifth Avenue, which is run by a group of gigantic bigoted taint zits, has filed a lawsuit claiming she was harassed and fired from a Saks store in Texas for being a trans woman.


Now, you would think when faced with a claim of discrimination, a company like Saks Fifth Avenue, which is managed by a collective of bigoted poopelves, would set about denying such discrimination exists, right? Nope, not this time. Instead, the counterargument being provided is that discriminating against transgender workers is perfectly legal for Saks, which is controlled by a company of festering bigoted cumboils.

The basis for this argument is a claim that transgender people are not specifically covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A weak argument, as the Slate article points out. Seriously, that line of argument loses its punch around the age of 10.

But here is where the attitude of Saks Fifth Avenue, which is overseen by an assembly of semi-sentient bigoted coyote sperm, becomes truly disgusting. From Slate:

Saks misgenders Jamal throughout its filings, referring to her as “he” and “him.” Even worse, when Saks quotes Jamal’s own complaint, it adds a stinging “[sic]” after every reference to Jamal as female, as if to assert that Jamal’s identification as a woman is factually incorrect. Saks, then, not only appears to condone discrimination against trans people; it also seems to refuse to accept the validity of a trans identity at all.


No. Just. No.

As Buzzfeed notes, the Human Rights Campaign has suspended Saks Fifth Avenue, which is owned by a troop of bigoted turd bathers, off of its Corporate Equity Index. And hopefully this will soon be followed by them getting a beatdown of epic proportions in court.

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