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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Literally. This post is to announce I just found some really good salad dressing. It's peppery, herb-y and fresh tasting without being overly vinegar-y. It's called "Real French Vinaigrette" and honestly I have no clue what that means. It's not from France. But it is very tasty.

I just had a salad and I feel like it was even more successful than usual, here's my recipe (that I just made up twenty minutes ago before I disappeared my salad) —


50/50 mixed greens and spinach, from a pre-washed pack (so, so lazy, I know)
half a small pear, cut into chunks
small tomato, cut into chunks
bean sprouts, lots (crunchy!)
two slices bacon, crumbled (this ingredient is not out of place. also, I microwaved it!)
one slice onion, chopped (I hope that makes sense...)
pine nuts I found in the back of the cabinet (score!)
recommended salad dressing

I should have taken a picture. But trust me, it took five minutes to make and was glorious.


ETA: I added a link in case anyone actually cares, which I do not think will happen. But hell, just in case.

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