This is that time of the year again. What time you ask? Well, nothing else but the salmon run! That's right, when salmon go back to fresh water to reproduce!


You see, salmon are anadromous, which means they migrate up to fresh water to breed. Because of this, the baby salmon will be born in fresh water, then migrate to the ocean for their adult lives.

This is very cool for many reasons. Here's a couple:

  • Studies show that salmon seem to go back to the exact spot where they were born, instead of a random river bank. They probably have some sensorial memory that stays with them for their entire lives. Who said fish have bad memory?
  • As they are going back, they have to swim against the strong stream of water towards the ocean. The method picked by natural selection was to hop over the water, exposing the salmon as they go. This is what we generally know about the run:

Nom nom. This is a key feature about these guys, to the point the word salmon stems from the expression "to leap" in Latin.


But why should you care? Well, the fellas at have a live cam showing some of the bear-nomming that is the salmon run.

So there you go!!/live-cams/p…