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Salmon with dill à l'estonienne: the gender pay gap

Sorry this isn't really a food thing. And now it's all over the place topically. I suppose I should go to bed.

As Estonia is somewhere in the lead in the EU concerning gender pay gap (other depressing things Estonia is in the lead with: suicide rate, consumption of alcohol per capita, HIV infection rates) the local BPW Association is doing their yearly action tomorrow, titled Tilliga ja tillita which translates as With and without dill:

On April 10th public cafes and restaurants all over Estonia offer salmon (also means "gap" in Estonian language) sandwiches or other dishes with and without dill at two different prices. The salmon dish with dill is 30% pricier than the exactly same one without dill. With the untranslatable wordplay and humorous approach we point out that in Estonia the gender pay gap is up to 30%.


Guess what the word for dill in Estonian is homonymous with? Did you get the joke? Yes, it means penis. No, really!

(I am checking my cis and genderbinary-conforming privilege here and understand this language is problematic. amIdoingthisright?)

A book with the same title has a picture of .. um.. human (probably female) nether parts with a hand holding a bunch of dill for modesty. So it's like a lush green bush of a bush. If you do a image search for Tilliga ja tillita it pops right up.


I'll leave you with a video from the European Commission. I hope there's salmon in the office canteen tomorrow..

ETA: whilst researching the phrase à l'estonienne I found the one case where the phrase would probably be used the most in French: the noble Finnish sport of wife carrying, because Estonians (using Estonian-style carry) won the championships for 11 years in a row from 1998 til 2008. Example of Estonian carry:

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