OK, so tomorrow I am going to a new salon for the first time, and will be beginning a new 'tipping life.' At my old salon I had fallen into a ridiculous pattern of over-tipping, which I couldn't think of a way to change without seeming like I was upset at them for something. Anyway โ€” I finally found a salon in my new neighborhood, so it starts over tomorrow. The whole tipping thing has always been such a problem for me... I know how ridiculous that is for a grown woman but it is part of my social anxiety. Anyway, I have three questions: 1) What percentage of the total cost for services do you pay the person who actually does your hair; 2) If they have another person shampoo you, what do you give to the shampoo person; 3) In a busy salon sometimes they have one person prepare your hair and another person rinse (aside from the main stylist), do you tip both shampoo-ers and if so, what??

Thank you Jezzies :)