I stopped off at a foodie market on my way home the other day, and after wrangling the dog away from the biltong stall, spotted the cheese. Immediately an unfamiliar name leapt out at me - Norwegian G.... Well. Norwegian something.

I unwrapped it today and thought I was looking at an outer wax covering. No big deal, right?


Waiiiiiiit a minute. This is cheese, but not as we know it.


I did what any self-respecting glutton would do, and hit Google to find out what I was chewing on. So, Brown Cheese is a big deal in Norway and nowhere else. It is made by caramelising whey into a kind of fudgey, cheesey, gooey thing, which is then packed into blocks. A salty goat fudge, someone called it. And although it sounds gross, that's kinda right.

It is also very flammable.

Tell me about your strange foods, GT!