Samantha Geimer did an interview with BBC on Hard Talk about what happened that night with RP, and it's... weird. Firstly, some of the questions are REALLY pissing me off. Like:

"Why did you allow this to happen?" (Maybe because she was fucking 13, and he was a respected hollywood bigwig, and she thought if she complained it would jeopardize her chances in the industry?)

"Do you think that maybe things were a little more permissive back then?" (Child rape is always a problem! Geimer cites Pretty Baby as why she figured it was okay to go along with it.)

But on top of that Geimer has said some things about having sympathy for RP that make me feel sad for her. One thing that stood out to me was when she said that she hated the attention the case brought down on her, and that she'd rather have relived the rape, which only lasted 10 minutes, than deal with the legal system again, which lasted a year. It makes me mad that the legal system treats rape survivors so poorly that she would rather be sexually assaulted again than pursue justice. She also talks about people not believing her because she wasn't "damaged enough" to prove it happened. UGH.

Also, the judge in the case apparently called her and her mom "a mother daughter hooker team." WTF?!?


She also touches on the fact that people seems to expect her to be damaged and interesting in wake of what happened, and that she feels like a disappointment to people because she's fine, and has dealt with it, and basically hasn't lived her life under the shadow of what happened.

Also, it seems that apparently she had the worst fucking judge in the world. I didn't know this but I guess because she didn't want to continue the trial, they reached a plea deal, but then the judge got bad press about it, so he tried to throw RP back in jail, which is why he fled.

Geimer seems to think that the judge was unfair to RP because "that's not how the law is supposed to work", which I think she means to say is that the judge was trying to make a name off the case, at the expense of a fair trial for RP. Which.... technically yes. But he raped a child though, so I'm cool with some jail time.


She also says that she thinks the DA was only pursuing the case in order to embarrass her and that she doesn't think it was fair that RP had to serve 42 days because he wasn't supposed to serve any time as per the plea deal. When the interviewer asked her if she understood why most people think he should have been held more accountable, she said that she thought justice should be fair for the victim and the defendant, and that she wasn't going to advocate for a corrupt system.

Honestly, I think it's a little weird that she honestly seems to think that RP was a good guy who did a not so bad thing once, (her logic seems to be that she's fine with it now, so it wasn't that big a deal) but I'm also not about to tell someone how they should be dealing with their assault. It genuinely makes m uncomfortable that she's said that, because I feel like people will use it as a jumping off point to justify their own rapist actions, but it's also not ONE victim's responsibility to single-handedly shatter rape culture.

I'm not sure what the point of this post was. But after this interview, I think I'll be reading her book.