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My spouse is the worst at electronics and I typically act as the IT person who fixes everything. I am stumped by his Samsung Galaxy camera right now and was hoping we had some Samsung aficionados on GT that could help.

He's had the camera for over a year and it has worked just fine. At a book signing last week an employee at the store it was held at took a picture of us and the guest speaker. Ever since that night, the Galaxy camera quality is weird. It'll take pictures inside just fine, but any photo taken outside shows up as a white blur. I can take a photo of grass at my feet and the image comes out as a faint green border with a blindingly white middle.

At first we thought it was a water damage thing because the next morning it was in my spouse's pocket as he walked in the rain, but the damage indicator is intact and it'll still take pictures inside. I've tried every setting (Landscape, Fast Burst, Indoors, Portrait, etc) and it still does it. I'm hesitant to do a factory reset because the camera has been weird about moving photos to the SD card (namely, that it just doesn't do it consistently), but I'll factory reset it if no one here has any ideas. Apparently very few people own this camera because the usual help forums are either inactive or have less than a dozen posts.


Here's a picture of a dog using an old-timey camera as payment.

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