It's gonna be a close one. Neither would be horrible, though. I mean, Duncan Hunter's not running. So that's good. Though I did get accosted by some people hanging around the polls with flyers for some Kirk guy who looked waaaaaay sketchy.

Hm, dangling modifier. You know what? They were both sketchy, I shall leave it ambiguous.

Oooooh, and I thoroughly avoid the UT opinions section (I could write so much about the UT, ugh), but I noticed this gem in the LA Times:

The U-T editorial page, in endorsing Faulconer, warned Alvarez is "wrong on virtually every issue."

But the paper also asked prominent backers of each candidate to list the reasons for their support.

Former Councilwoman Donna Frye, in her reasons for backing Alvarez, listed: "David annoys the U-T San Diego editorial board."


I <3 you, Donna Frye.

ETA: I could have sworn "counting" was one of the meanings of reckoning, but…uh, guess not. Title now makes sense.