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Welcome To The Bitchery

While this is definitely late-organized, and there is also something planned for the day earlier at the Federal Building, and there’s still a chance he’ll wuss out and not come, it looks like this is the one that’s happening at the wall while he’s here.


“Pro-Trump” people (read: the usual alt-right Proud Boys, etc. types with possibly a few merely stupid and Regular Flavor Racist individuals tagging along) ARE EXPECTED. They will be vastly, vastly outnumbered, but this must still be mentioned. They will not be able to run you over (at least near the walls, as there’s like, one road) but might try to punch you or something.


The Facebook event says the more people the better, which means people from Los Angeles and further places are welcome. EVEN ZONIES. I kid. But for real, Phoenicians with a free Tuesday, y’all are welcome. You might be able to crash on someone’s couch the night before if any of your activism groups have a local branch. Or even if you just turn up on some San Diegan activist page and offer gas money and cactus candy.


This is pretty in the middle of nowhere. Not completely in the middle of nowhere, but still pretty out there. Parking will be difficult-to-impossible. Otay Mesa is not very big; do not count on the existence of street parking. Probably people will be trying to organize carpools on the events page. There are paid parking lots in Otay Mesa for people who go across the border on foot, but I’m not sure how many/how big. Trolley’s Blue Line’ll get you to Iris Avenue. The 950 bus is an express route straight from there to the Otay Mesa border crossing (905 will also take you to Otay Mesa but is not an express). From however you get to Otay Mesa, you’re walking to the prototypes from there. Dirt road. Weather forecast currently says high of 73, so it’ll be probably be mid-to-low 60s when it starts, 50s if you get there early like you should. BRING WATER, WALKING SHOES AND A JACKET.


This is a link for information from the Sheriff’s Department about what is prohibited in the area, where the no-parking zones are, etc.

BRING. WATER. It might be cold, but you can still get dehydrated!

I will post further updates if/when I find further information, unless someone beats me to it.

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