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San Fran Rec Request + Life Update

Hey GT, I’ve been lurking lately as my life since breaking up with my ex has been a bit of a whirlwind. So I’ll start with this: I’m going to San Francisco in a couple weeks with a friend! I’m excited because I’ve never been. He’s been a few times, but always for family things and hasn’t done much except Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz. So I’m looking for recommendations! Food, activities, neighborhoods, lay it on me.

Now, for the explanation: My ex is still living with me until the end of the month. It’s been a rough couple of months, being so close in proximity and growing more distant in our friendship as we both try to move forward with our lives. She finally has a job and is getting steady paychecks, so she found a new living situation and will be moving soon. We did the final sort through 3 years worth of combined shit and separated it all out. She’ll take one of the cats and I will keep the other.

During the break up, I was leaning pretty heavily on this friend from my old job in Seattle. We had been work buddies while I lived up there, and surprisingly stayed in touch when I moved to Portland. He was going through a break up at almost the same time as me, so we were sharing a lot of the same difficulties and were able to bond over that. He admitted to being attracted to me, and I said I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but that we could just be FWB. Which is working out okay, except that it’s long distance and just really not convenient at all. We talk all day every day, and it’s really nice to have someone who listens to me without judgement, but then wants to have adult fun times afterward too.


But I got hired full-time from my temp job, and it’s in the field that I want to be in, and it came with a raise and kick-ass benefits (working for a credit union comes with amaaaazing discounts on loans and credit cards, you guys) and it’s for a company that really values the professional development of their employees. So at least that bit of my life seems to really be moving in the right direction!

Things are good. It’s just been a very slow transition, and I’m very ready for things to settle down into the new normal soon.

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