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San Francisco Recs?

Hello all!

I'm going to San Francisco for the first time as an adult (i.e. without my parents) and I was really looking for some cool/not ridiculously expensive bars and restaurants for the 30 and under crowd. *


I'm 25 and my significant other and I enjoy bars where you can sit in a booth/table and drink a pitcher of beer and ALSO fancy craft cocktail type places. We're easy.

He wants to get ramen, but I can't find a good list of ramen places (i've already got Dim Sum on the menu, I was thinking this place: Ton Kiang, Richmond, since we're newbies and they literally have a picture menu and have been on all the lists I've found online)


It's hard to find good info on "where people go" when you're not a local!)

Also, we'll be there for the 4th and I have NO IDEA where to go/what to do. I'm a DC person so usually this is a no brainer, so I'm weirdly stressed. I don't REALLY like crowds, but I can deal with them assuming we could like, sit on a towel or something and have a little separation.


Our hotel is right near the Yerba Buena shopping center, and we won't have a car. I've heard to avoid the Powell cable car line and take the California line for less crazy tourists, but I'm not sure how to go about getting tickets etc.

Any advice will be appreciated!

*it doesn't have to be a bar like that, i'm into being able to hear people and chilling, but the s.o. likes party times, we're not REALLY clubbing people but if there was a fun one I'd be down.

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