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Sand Sack: Evening Edition

What better way to start your long weekend?

I can admit when I'm wrong...I'm still not sure if I'm wrong, but I'm shocked. While Khloe's walking around and holding water awkwardly so you can't tell if she's wearing a ring, Lamar Odom gets arrested for DUI. So maybe the Kardashians were right about him? He refused to take a chemical test after failing field sobriety tests. Us tells us that

Odom, 33, was pulled over on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley at 4 a.m. PST for driving too slowly. The California Highway Patrol then booked him on a DUI charge and took him to the Van Nuys Jail, where he was held on $15,000 bail.


Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Beyonce was adorable at Coney Island! Mostly because she got her makeup done and that left stranded people on the Ferris Wheel. A couple was stuck on the ride because apparently no one checks to make sure all carriages are empty before a video shoot.

The poor woman looked like she'd been crying. I'd have been pleased for about 3 minutes while I waited for my companion to do something romantic and then freaked the fuck out for the rest of the 27. But I feel like Ferris Wheels are rotating torture chambers, so that's just me.


Oh. And Creepy Terry Richardson is the director of the video. And the old in me wants to mutter "Mariah already did this!" but I'm not THAT much of a hater.


How do ya'll feel about this picture? People are debating whether his hand is on her butt, hovering, or actually like in her crack. Robin Thicke has yet to respond, but the woman, Lana Scolaro, has spoken to E! (not that I'm excited, that's just their name). According to her

I didn't even know that was the reflection until I uploaded it, and someone commented on it. I was just like, "Oh I'll Instagram this photo with Robin Thicke, like everybody else."


Then someone tweeted it to his wife, Paula Patton, who hasn't said anything either. They've been together for 20 years. (You're doing the math correctly; they've been together since they were teens).


Kate and Will left George at home and went to cheer on runners at a race in Anglesey, the island where they'd lived before the birth of the Once and Future King.

When asked how the little one, who is almost six weeks old, is doing, she said, "He's very well, thank you. He's sleeping at the moment."

She added that his "grandma" was taking care of him at the time—referring to her mother, Carole Middleton.


Hm. I dunno. I guess they live a simple life and she goes food shopping and all, but I don't know if I'm ready to believe they don't have a nanny and just dump the kid on it's Gma like the rest of us. But how cool is it that the future queen of England wears wedges!

Odd and Ends:

Lindsey didn't show up to promote The Canyons at the Venice Film Festival.

I'd actually forgotten about this marriage. Or the fact that Jennifer Garner was in Felicity.


Before you even ask, this is what Kerri Russel is up to these days. And she's in The Americans which was awesome!

Bill O'Reilly apologizes for getting facts wrong, but, sadly, not for being Bill O'Reilly.


People got drunk and busted for public intoxication at a Jenny McCarthy fundraiser.

Here's the season 5 promo for Vampire Diaries.

I'll see you in September!

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