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Yet another garlic press I need to buy...

Scarlett Johansson is getting married! To journalist Romain Dauriac! Who looks like one of those sexy beast people who wears suits, twirls snifters of cognac, and calls you "mon coeur" or maybe with a twinkle in his eye "mon petit cochon d'amour" (I may have dated a fucked up Frenchman).


He's a journalist but is currently a manager at a creative agency, and they've been dating for 10 months. No word on when the wedding will be.

Hm. So I guess the Kardashians weren't making up the Lamar Odom is an addict thing? (Unrelated: How is he at a Blockbuster? Does he have a time machine?)

Lamar checked into rehab, but I'mma let Michael K tell it:

Two sources (source one: Kim’s left ass cheek, source two: Kim’s right ass cheek) tell People that Lamar is now in rehab. Once source said that Lamar realized he needs help. If you believe TMZ, then Lamar is getting help for his addiction to crack. If you believe Radar, then Lamar is getting help for his addiction to Oxy. If you believe me, then Lamar is really in a plastic surgery clinic to get face/off surgery so Pimp Mama Kris can’t track him down when he gets away from them.


I'm gonna go with option C. And add my own D: He's doing it to get away from PMK now that her show's off the air and she's got nothing better to do.

RadarOnline is also reporting that it was his drug dealer (not the NY one) who bailed him out of jail for his DUI. Not because Khloe didn't want to, but because he called his dealer instead, apparently. Oh, and Lamar knows the "truth" about her paternity so she's worried...Hm...


And TMZ says's he's not in rehab.


Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen's ex whose children are being taken care of by Denise Richards) may be getting her kids back. The twins, Bob and Max, were taken from her in May when she was placed on an involuntary hold after ODing on meth.

Then, a judge gave custody to Denise Richards (rumors abound that her adopted daughter is another one of Charlie's kids), who has 2 children with Sheen as well.


Brooke's been taking drug tests and parenting classes and hopefully this will work out for her this time.

Odds and Ends:

Chrissy Teigen, who is engaged to John Legend, will not be wearing undies at her wedding...well that's good to know.


Eddie Murphy's trying music again...

Wonderful interview with Queen Latifah.

Kim Kardashian and Karl Lagerfeld make...art?

A lady with 6 kids probably took FOREVER in front of someone at a TSA checkpoint.


3 interesting facts about Judge Judy.

Some people are saying it's unfair that Jessie Spano is a trained dancer...really people? If you're that worried, go back and look at what the Hot Sundaes did...without Lisa and Kelly, Jessie will lose.


Today's Jam: U-N-I-T-Y! Still relevant, still good.

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