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Sand Sack! Morning Gossip Edition


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Cumberbatch is continuing his streak of being in everything. Now reports are saying he'll be in the new Star Wars.

How Cumberbatch fits into the new movie is entirely open to conjecture (seeing as we know zero plot details so far!) Casting calls suggest we may see three or four early twentysomething Solo / Skywalker offspring in the film, which seems to count Cumberbatch out at a wise thirty-seven years old. Would Abrams use him as a villain for the second time in a row, or might he make an infinitely more appealing and energetic new Jedi hero, perhaps keeping the peace with Luke Skywalker? I know I’d rather cheer for Cumberbatch than hiss at him.


But I don't wanna watch Star Wars! Thankfully, some people are denying it, saying it's only a "fun rumor", but he did pull out of Crimson Peak.

This worrries me... I feel like he used to be my special, little Marple secret and now he's in everything...how long can this last? What happens when it stops? MY HEART WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT!


Lamar spent 50K on cocaine in 3 years. Is that a lot? To me it doesn't seem so much? RadarOnline has an interview with his drug dealer:

He’s a pretty nice guy to be honest with you, but he’s becoming… his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem...In my experience, he literally likes cocaine. He is a cocaine guy. He likes to smoke it


He literally likes cocaine. Not figuratively. Make sure you remember that! Here's the rest of it.

Odds and ends:

Prince Michael Jackson is dating a Kuwaiti princess.

Two of the Real Housewives are no longer speaking. BUT WHICH!?!?!

Simon Cowell talks sonogram.

Ryan Seacrest productions wans to give women "a life-changing dating experience?”


Charlie Sheen is 48. I don't know if I feel "only 48?" or "already 48"?

See you tonight! Your jam today is the 1st song I ever cried to.

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