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Sangria Recipes??

Does anyone have a white wine sangria recipe? I was given a bottle of American Niagara wine and just opened it but it is way too sweet for me. I thought I could make sangria out of it. I just went to the farmer's market so I have fresh peaches, nectarines, blueberries, and lemons plus basil from my garden.

I tried looking up a recipe online but I swear recipe reviews are the worst. They give the recipe 5 stars but freaking CHANGE THE RECIPE! "Oh my gosh, this recipe is so good. I just subbed out x, y, z (main ingredient) and added a, b, c and it was perfect!"

I have never made sangria before and I'd love a recipe that has been tested and approved before I serve my in-laws! Thank you!


I tried to add a gif but couldn't figure out how to! Yikes.

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