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Sarah Palin needs to be quiet

"At least Trig didn't eat the dog" is her response to the criticism over her 6 year old son standing on the dog.

1) Using a child, a 6 year old with Down Syndrome, is sick. A child even ones own is not a prop to make political points

2) Its obvious two jabs a jab against the President and a racist jab at some Asian cultures.


3) Everything she does wrong she justifies it by using it as a launching pad to attack the president. Its like she says "what I did is ok since I am using it to attack President Obama".

Yet this goes beyond that and has a "white man's burden" aspect. As a child the president tasted dog when living in Asia. By what she said she is condemning those cultures for what they eat and by using Trig that these cultures are intellectually and morally inferior.

I do not like the practice of dog eatting but I realize that we eat meat that other cultures would not approve of and intensely dislike. Sarah and her ilk have the mentality only what they do is correct and all other cultures are wrong.

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