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Update Sarah Palin "why do Muslims hate Charlie Brown"

Senator McCain really wanted for our VP who would one heartbeat away from the presidency a woman on Friday, two days after wall to wall coverage of the magazine shooting claimed they were killing Charlie Brown cartoonists. Yes of Snoopy, Linus etc.

This is not about stupidity on her part but feeding racism and phobia of Fox viewers. She has to know many Fox viewers think "oh its happening over there" but saying it was Charlie Brown artists she is throwing a wrench in. She has to realize this is how these racists can more easily relate. Thats by creating a fictitious.narrative which in this country her followers could relate to. Who does not love Charlie Brown I bet the right wing loves him and she knows it. Just in the coming weeks just watch the right wing morph Charlie Habdo to Charlie Brown.


What she said was utterly stupid and I am positive she knows it. No one working in the media could be that out of touch. The people to watch are those who embrace this message. The ones who will appear time amd again on twitter, politico, on your facebook windows, using the phrase Charlie Brown.

People need to see her as a troll and manipulator who feeds the right wing base precisely what they want to hear. They know about the French attack but throw in a very wrong detail that will get this base to relate boom mission accomplished.

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