So I work at an association that has a meeting with an international version of the same thing we do. Sorry if vague, trying to not totally out myself on the internet.

I'm not usually in charge of food and bev orders but I am for this one because the other admin assistant who is USUALLY in charge of these things is completely useless.

To explain: you know how word comes formatted for most normal correspondence or regular word docs? This person insists on sitting there and formatting word docs like you would a typewriter. Setting margins, page breaks, line breaks, word spacing... you name and it's slow? This person does it. She also FREAKS OUT and starts yelling if things aren't done exactly to her liking (this person is not my boss) even when she has nothing to do with the task.

So, I ordered food and bev from our typical company. I was just going to go ahead and use the push button carafes and plastic ware (since this is a non money making meeting.. we don't need to spend $600 bucks on having a person show up and fill coffee carafes) but NOOOOO apparently we have to have these giant silver plate thingys that you must also pay $150 to have a person to mind them.

So the catering company takes my order, and the food shows up 30 minutes early. Fine. The guy was supposed to come with the food, but he showed up separately. I showed up at 8:15, 15 minutes before the food and the guy were supposed to be here, but OF COURSE the food guy came early. So I get a whole speech of "wellll IIIIII had to let the food delivery person in, and I just don't have time for that." from awesome person.


We have a receptionist. Who is here at 7:45. Who definitely let him in and escorted him to the kitchen.

Awesome Person continues to berate me as I hustle around and let the service person in (A.P. literally followed me around the office). I finally escape, and the freaking silver plate things... never arrived. They weren't delivered. Apparently, they come from a sub-contractor to the catering company who didn't deliver them to the food distributors when they were supposed to. So that's nothing to serve coffee in. We have two small carafes that I hurriedly fill and the serving guy takes out, while we wait for the big carafes. I have our account rep on the phone freaking out saying that they stuff was coming but that it wouldn't get there for a bit.


It's rush hour. In DC. Right.

Thankfully, Awesome Person doesn't notice that the silver things aren't here and through various steps (trying to get carafes from local stores, the Starbucks doesn't have the carafes available at the store...) etc. I throw my hands up and we'll see what happens.


There's a fancy ass lightbulb that was supposed to be replaced by the building. The building guy comes in this morning and tells me that "you guys are the only ones with those bulbs in the whole building, we don't have those." Even though they told our facilities manager that yes, they did in fact have those bulbs. He then proceeds to walk around with a ladder dropping things and crashing into things while we have 2 high profile meetings going on, replacing bulbs that DO NOT NEED TO BE REPLACED RIGHT NOW.

So we've got one bulb out in the pendants over the food which is super classy, and I know I'm going to hear it from A.P. even though I have no control over the lack of bulb. It's a weird one with pins instead of a screw in, and the local stores don't carry them.


Thank Dog, the delivery person shows up with the carafes 10 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start, and the server and I rush and set them up. People have been standing around with no coffee and I'm sure I'll hear about that as well.

So, groupthinkers, despite my harried morning all turned out well, other than my high blood pressure and forgetting to steal some food before the people got in due to the craziness. Anyone want to comisserate or have similar "Awesome People" in their offices?