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Sartorial Situation!

So, I am hosting yet another champagne party, and I wish I could send all ya'll Jezzies some Veuve Clicquot (because you know VV don't do Andre...never again!) through the internet. But, since technology hasn't evolved to keep up with my imagination, I must settle for some fashion advice.

Ok, this is all going to sound rather strange, me being the hostess and all, but there's no real dress code. It's come as you are, that sort of thing. But I like to look fresh to death or casual to...casket? I'm not great with death-related puns.

I have three possible outfits:


Outfit one: a little black dress with either the pink shoes or the black shoes, and a cute little rose cameo necklace (I'll do a close-up of the necklace in another photo).

Outfit two: black top, white shorts, red sandals, and a Wonder Woman necklace.


Outfit three: same shorts and shoes, but with an Iron Man shirt that is kinda ironic.


The necklaces.

So what say you, GT? Fancy, casual, or Iron Man?

Edit: I'm hearing a lot of awesome combos about the red shoes and black dress. No love for ironic Iron Man? I'll save him for a kickback.


Edit: uploading from phone, here's the verdict!

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