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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sat. AM OT

Aloha, GT! What’s on your weekend vagenda this (here, at least) cold, snowy weekend? Any fun NYE plans?

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Homey and I just got back Th. night from a trip to Maui. It was really great, esp. since no one ended up with a broken leg! :)

Yesterday, we had to run to the grocery store early in the morning, in the midst of a mini-blizzard, to restock all the foods. Then, it snowed the whole rest of the day! At least I didn’t have to feel bad for hibernating on the couch, which is what I wanted to do anyway.


Maui was wonderful! We got in some good beach time, did a lot of hiking, drove the Hana Highway, and ate such. great. food! YUM. Also? I saw a humpback whale completely breach—it was so mindblowing to see something that huge jump that high out of water. Breathtaking! I don’t have photos of the breach but I will have to share some vacation pics once we’ve got them sorted.

Anyway, how are you all? I can’t wait to catch up with y’all!

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