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Saturday Fun: Caption This GIF

We have a classic habit in our apartment of shaking a fist up toward the sky and shouting “Sesameee seeeeeds!” because it is a truth universally acknowledged that if you bring a single sesame-laden food product into the home, you will find seeds FOR WEEKS in the strangest of places (under your pillow, between couch cushions, bottom of your foot when you step into the shower).

So, in honor of our strange tradition, what is it that you shake your fist at today?


Aside from the seeds, today I shake my fist at Seattle rent prices. We are searching for a new apartment closer to my office, and this time around, 1 BR apartments of acceptable size for 2 people (one of whom works from home most of the time) and a cat are inching ever closer to and sometimes above $2000/month. That is crazy and not fucking going to happen.


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