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Talk about whatever! Some of my thoughts:

1. Inasmuch as any of the countries that DJT called “shitholes” are struggling, in almost every case it is likely because of interference by white people (like in Haiti and in many African countries).

2. I know that not everything from Trump’s physical will be released. But do you think that the MD who examines the President does, or should, have a duty to warn people if the MD’s judgment is that that president is incapable of leading?MDs and others have duties to warn if their patient is going to cause harm to themselves or others - shouldn’t that fall under that purview?


3. Joy Reid had a pastor on her show this morning who was just asinine. They were talking about DJT’s “shithole” comments. Joy ended up shutting him down because he was just such an ass. Afterwards he did a live video saying that if she liked Haiti so much, she should live there. WTF???? This exchange will be all over social media soon, if it’s not already.

4. (non-political) Before xmas my roomie broke one of my dishes (a fiestaware mug). Our agreement is that if she breaks or damages any of my stuff (since most of what is shared in our house is mine), she will pay to repair or replace it. So apparently she has decided that replacing the mug was too expensive for her and she bought her own set of dishes. Yesterday she asked if I could move my stuff to make room. THERE IS NO ROOM for duplicates of everything - we live in an NYC apartment with almost no storage! She already has duplicate pots and pans and some kitchen utensils (knives, spatulas) and appliances (toaster, coffee maker). Many of these she bought AFTER we moved in together. I understand - fiestaware is expensive - but we really have no room and expecting me to make room when all of my stuff is shared, but hers is just for her doesn’t make sense. She has her own cabinet - she can put it all in there.

5. I’m trying to remind myself that I lucked out with her - I could have gotten a nightmare roommate, and I didn’t. She’s a good egg and easygoing for the most part - and I just need to calm the fork down.

Anyway - again, talk about whatever.

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