It is Saturday morning, yay! I love to sleep until 1pm, and just hang out in my pajamas the rest of the day. Anyhow, this is not the case for me. I love where I live, and I live by myself, set my own rules and I love it. However, whenever I find myself in this situation, there is a male Landlord that sniffs me out and finds a way to ruin it. I had this at a previous place I rented and I have it now. Male landlords who see a single woman living alone and feel the need to come in and be "friends". Therefore I find myself in the same situation every Saturday morning, a knock on my door and an unwanted (long) chat. Last weekend I tried to be as quiet as possible by sitting on my bed and watching TV with headphones. However, that led to me being walked in on when my landlord used his key to let himself in when I didn't answer the door.

Any advice to a single young woman on how to resolve this and thrive in single living?