Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m in the last gasp of a data science certificate, and I am desperately trying to complete my final projects this weekend. There are many fun things to do, but I need to stay in.

Earlier today, I bought a used bookcase at my neighbor’s yard sale to put a bunch of stuff that is stacked on floor in. In order to wrestle it into place, I have to move a bunch of said stuff out of the way, relocate an existing bookcase, vacuum the exposed carpet that was under the stuff I moved (ok, that’s optional, technically), and pick up a bunch of dead bugs that were also uncovered when I moved stuff (I think I’m at 4, but it might be 5). God, I hate bugs. Today’s high was close to 100, and even though the humidity is low, it’s hot as hell in my apartment bc my swamp cooler sucks. I did just enough physical labor with the bookcase to redistribute all the fluid that has pooled in my feet after hours of sitting in the heat, and now it’s back to R.


My cat is sitting at my feet, and it’s been a full 7 days since my car broke down. I think I’ll make a gin and tonic to go with my R.

What are you up to?

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