Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Yah, it’s early, but whatevs - it’s an excuse to start drinking a bit earlier in the company of awesome GT.

I didn’t make any plans for tonight because I was hoping that I might spend it with that new dude I had been seeing. Well, Thursday night I got the “I’m not ready for something more, I’m sorry” text. Bummer. And I wasn’t proactive enough to make plans for tonight yesterday or today. The heatwave is finally over and I just want to enjoy the nice weather!


I’m trying to psych myself into feeling confident enough to go sit out at a bar and read my book (The Power by Naomi Alderman - IT’S SO GOOD I JUST WANT IT TO KEEP GOING AND NEVER END). But I always feel so on display and even though there are so many things that increasingly give zero fucks about as I get older, reading a book at a bar by myself on a Saturday night just makes me feel like a loser with no friends and that everyone at the bar is thinking that about me. BUT WHY DO I CARE WHAT RANDOM PEOPLE AT A BAR THINK!?!?

If at worst I’m just hanging out here on GT, reading my book in bed with a drink, that’s not a bad night.

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