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Saturday night brain dump

I should really be grading, or lesson-planning, or catching up on sleep, or finishing Cryptonomicon (although I'm afraid I'm getting to that point in any real page turner where the author says, "haha, fuck you and your having to get up in the morning, you're going to have to read every single page between now and the end of the book, so I probably shouldn't even pick it up tonight). But I've got the cheap-ass Merlot (Shiraz, forgive me for being unfaithful) and some brain to dump.

1. Tonight at dinner, I started singing "Sleigh Ride." I don't mean singing the lyrics about the birthday party and farmer Brown, I mean just singing "Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-ba-de-ba..." and so on. This wasn't completely random, and not really out of the ordinary at the the Ph.Dinner Table. We noticed that the one-year-old was really into it, so the whole family joined in. As we went on, his expression gradually changed from "Yay! Singing!" to "Okay, seriously, what's with these insane people surrounding me?"


2. I had seven fucking meetings this week, including four on Friday, and two of them for a job that I'm apparently not going to get to start until October. I'm so glad the school year is starting so that I can get away from constant meetings.

3. During the first meeting of the week, which was a web conference that I attended up in the loft above the living room, I heard the three-year-old calling up to me. Ph.Mom explained that I was in a meeting, leading 3yo to ask "Are there a lot of people up there?"


4. Do you like onions and peppers with your grilled things? Chop them up, spray some cooking spray on a piece of foil, put the veggies on the foil and season as desired. Wrap them up and put them right on the coals: great with brats, Italian sausages, etc.

5. Also good: diced apples, topped with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. If possible, make sure there is a toddler around to say "cinnamon," because that's about the cutest thing ever.


6. One of those random memories I have from my childhood was eating dried dates and pretending to be a mountain goat. Do mountain goats eat dates? I'm sure they would.

7. I think I've settled on granola as the appropriate breakfast cereal for now, particularly if I can top it with frozen blueberries. Not sure how budget friendly it is, though. I wish there were a good bag-cereal granola. I suppose I could buy it in bulk?


8. I have never been so far behind at the start of a semester, I don't think, but at least I got a lot of compliments on my moustache on the first day of school.

9. Next weekend: garage sale. It will be nice to get some of this shit out of the house.

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