Straight to the dumping, before the generic Remerol does its magic.

1. PhMom is watching Pitch Perfect. It's not bad for a by-the-numbers song and dance movie.

2. Oh, I probably should have led with this, but we got a new ride today: a 2008 Toyota Sienna. The first person to say "Swagger Wagon" gets smacked on the back of the head.

3. I did an abs workout at the gym this past week. I feel like a totally awesome bro-dude when I'm lifting weights, even though they're little sissy weights (what? Is that term not okay? Stop hating: I'm just telling it like it is). But doing sit-ups makes me feel like a 98-lb weakling all over again. On top of that, I didn't do a good stretch beforehand, so every morning since then I've woken up with pain in a different muscle group. This morning, it was my hips.

4. Speaking of the car thing again, I hate getting a credit check done, even though I know our credit is pretty good. My anxiety makes me always feel as though I'm being judged by everybody. In a credit check, that's actually true.

5. As we were walking around the dealership, we passed by a Corvette. I asked PhBoy if he wanted a car like that. "No," he said, "We need to get a mini-van."


6. What's the evolutionary purpose of imagination? I don't mean the ability to imagine a plausible scenario; that has obvious purpose. I mean the ability to imagine creatively. I'm working on a science fiction story that deals with the question, and in that one the answer is

but that's not really what I believe (or is it [no it isn't {but maybe it sort of is}]).


7. I've come up with an awesome strategy for winning my fantasy league: just always start whatever team defense is facing the Giants.

8. The Rangers are making things way too tense for me right now. If they win tomorrow, that will be seven in a row. But Tampa or Cleveland has to lose in order for the Rangers to get into that second wildcard spot, I think. What's really crazy is that if all three teams win or all three teams lose, there would be a one-game play-in. I love it when the season ends with such a clusterfuck, but it's not fun when it's my team in the middle.

9. In my Dual-Credit class this week, I was talking about figuring out words using context clues. The word was "visceral" (how do you get to grade 12 and not know an awesome word like "visceral"? I knew that word when I was in 8th grade, probably. Then again, I was a weird nerd who collected words the way other kids collected baseball cards or whatever) and I was trying to lead them there by talking about the idea of emotion residing in your gut. So I say, "What's a word for courage that's named after a body part." A girl raises her hand and says, "Um... cocky?"


Kids these days.