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Saturday Night Brain Dump

Someone most have knocked over a big can of stress this week (it's right next to the whoop-ass, and it would be easy to knock the one over while reaching for the other) and spilled stress over everything, and everybody's stressed.

What I'm getting at is that it's been a stressful week. In my case, this involved unpacking a moving truck full of crap I don't want into a storage room we can't afford and hoping against hope that it won't become an albatross around our collective neck, anxiously (both in the controversial usage meaning "eagerly" but also in the traditional sense) awaiting the birth of my daughter, and just general disconectedness and pissiness all around.


So as an anxiolytic, here is the Goldberg Variations on the harpsichord, accompanied by for some reason two Anime girls on a broom:

And here's the brain dump.

1. So the thing with the storage room: I really want to explain it, but it's personal and also very, very complicated. I couldn't explain it without writing out a family tree, coming up with pseudonyms, and establishing a timeline. I have actually attempted these steps.


2. I finished The Marriage Plot by Geoffrey Eugenides, and it is great. Read it right now. Seriously, get off the damn computer, go to the library and demand that they loan you a copy. I'm going to assume you've followed those instructions, and continue typing this. I listened to it on audiobook (I commute a lot).

3. When I went to the library to turn it in, I also picked up Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates, which I had read (listened to?) previously, but it was good. I also picked up a book titled This Book is Full of Spiders. I couldn't resist.


4. There's that whole writing thing going on in November (what's up with that?) and I've decided I'll spend it revising a chapter into an article for submission for publication. Unfortunately, I can't really brag about it on here without doxxing myself — assuming I actually get it done and it's actually published.

5. One cool thing this week: I got to have beers with Medievalists on Tuesday AND pizza with Medievalists on Friday (okay, on Tuesday they were mostly Early-Modernists). A lot of energy from that.


6. Please don't ask awkward questions like "If you're so jazzed by all that Medievalizing, why aren't you revising your chapter now instead of typing up random, unrequested crap on the backchannel blog of a feminist gossip site?"

7. People keep telling me that having a daughter is going to be "so different" and it pisses me off. But are they right? I guess so, insofar as all kids are different: the PhBoys are definitely different from each other. But don't tell me she's going to have "more drama." No girl has more drama than my three year old boy, for whom not getting a brownie is the biggest tragedy since the Ancient Greeks.


8. Speaking of Ancient Greeks, I'm teaching World Lit in the Spring and have decided that I can't make it through teaching Lysistrata again (I blush really easily) so I'll replace it with The Trojan Women. I think I found a good edition of it (Oxford Classics). But "Trojan Women" isn't a word combination I really want to google on a public computer. Are there other works of literature that are like that? I've come up with "Of Human Bondage" and "The Naked and the Dead"

9. Like I said, we are T-32 hours on PhDaughter's arrival. If you could appeal to the non-obvious being of your choosing, or simply acknowledge that we live in a deterministic universe and that a positive outcome is more likely than not, even though that won't delay the inevitable heat death of the universe, I'd appreciate it.

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